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Let A.Smith and Company Find Your Next Greenville Dream Home

Let A.Smith and Company Find Your Next Greenville Dream Home

Akande Smith is the awe-inspiring embodiment of what can happen when you not only want more but make the calculated decision to be disciplined enough to deliver exceedingly more in all that you commit to doing.

Incredibly tenacious yet humbly gracious, Akande Smith is no stranger to hardship. Despite many times when the odds were stacked against her, she always found a way to defy the odds by pushing the envelope and exceeding mediocre standards.

From growing up in low/mid-income housing projects of Spartanburg, South Carolina, to becoming a wealth-building homeowner; all while educating & providing step by step guidance to hundreds of others along the same journey, she takes pride in being recognized as a highly ethical, relatable, transparent and trusted real estate agent.

Throughout her seven-year career in the realty industry, Akande has sold more than 100 homes to 1st time buyers, boasting a portfolio of 30 million dollars and she is only just beginning….

As a dedicated single mother of two, Akande can appreciate the importance of family and providing a safe and secure home for children and loved ones. Fueled by her own personal, less than pleasurable 1st time home buying experience, she has since devoted her time, energy, and efforts to being a bridge builder and connector for those seeking to purchase a new home with little to no pre-existing knowledge of what to expect. From providing comprehensive knowledge on financial literacy, credit restoration, asset management, and appropriate loan selection, Akande uses her personal experience coupled with professional insight to reach, teach, and elevate all of her clients. Applying this customized three-step approach along with unmatched customer service and support, she is able to:

  • Reach the ideal mind-set driven clientele
  • Teach & offer education about what to expect and how to best prepare before, during, and after purchasing a new home
  • Elevate all of her clients to their next level of greatness using generational wealth as a firm foundation

In an unrelenting quest to grow, achieve and sustain more, Akande consistently considers “What’s next?” By applying this dedication to excellence in all that she does, there are simply no limits to what she is willing to do and sacrifice to ensure her position as a compassionate connector and bridge builder for those she serves remains top tier.

A current resident of Greenville, SC, when she is not assisting her clients with trailblazing lasting legacies, Akande enjoys spending quality time with family and friends over amazing food and drinks. A self-proclaimed “foodie,” she is renowned for inviting her friends and children to create new memories while sharing a delicious meal.